BCITO Recruitment campaign '16
Role: Concept & Creative Direction
Sector: Building & Construction

To raise awareness of the growing need for apprentices in the construction industry a crack team of apprentices was assembled and given the mission to build #NotYourAverageShed. The twist? well as the campaign title suggests, this was no ordinary shed, this was a $100,000 construction project in one of New Zealand’s busiest shopping centres.

Cutting through the typical
tertiary education marketing

Working as the campaign's creative director alongside the team from Brand-spanking, Jason Bailey Architects, Uprise digital, Springload, NZME and CMB marketing ensured the project got the best practitioners over the many channels the campaign existed through. Our roles with the campaign covered a wide gamut, including the original idea generation, the campaign brand development, content planning and creative direction, environmental applications and digital advertising.

BCITO-Cansino-and-co-brand 2BCITO-Cansino-and-co-brand 2
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A content-led campaign
Working remotely between
Auckland and Los Angeles

With the film crew on site for 3 weeks straight, the social media strategist in LA and myself based in Wellington, coordinating the content was a 3 way daily skype affair. With an open story arc in place, we recognised that emerging storylines were going to need some flexibility and responsive thinking on a daily basis. You can watch the whole series at BCITO.tv

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