Playmarket Publishing design
Role: design, illustration, production
Sector: Arts & Entertainment

We are proud to have worked with the team at Playmarket for over 10 years on numerous projects including book cover designs for the Playmarket series and the recent re-design of their for their annual publication. Playmarket is a not-for-profit organisation providing script advisory services, representation for playwrights in New Zealand and access to New Zealand plays. Founded in 1973 to encourage the professional production of New Zealand plays, Playmarket represents a substantial majority of New Zealand theatrical writers. 

Playmarket Annual design
How are we writing and why
does it continue to matter?

First published in 1988, this 50th issue of the Playmarket Annual was redesigned to both mark this important milestone and the shift in focus in the narrative. This new format Annual moves from the previous editions’ focus on a different region of the country to the process of playwriting.


Almost, but not quite
Designs from the cutting
room floor

The following designs represent a collection of some of our "almost but not quite" jobs - designs that we loved too much to leave them lying on the cutting room floor.